Current Employees

Thank you for being part of our community for making individuals lives better. We are striving to accomplish this everyday and with your help we can improve the quality of living  for our individuals. On this page you will find information about trainings as well as documentation. There are blank documents for you to print if needed. (if unable to print please see office staff for these documents)

As Part of our valued staff we thank you for being committed to keeping your documents and certifications up to date. If you have any questions about when your documents or certifications are up for renewal, Please contact the office.

Required Training

     Training                                                                        Cost

  1. CPR                                                         $25/$45 (Depending on where you take it)
  2. First Aid                                                   Taken together with CPR
  3. HIV/Aids/Blood borne Pathogens        $15
  4. HIPAA                                                      Free
  5. Medication Administration                    $45
  6. Medication Validation                            Included with Med Admin ($15 re-cert)
  7. Core Competency                                  Free
  8. Personal outcomes                                Free
  9. Zero Tolerance                                        Free
  10. Orientation                                              Free

Please contact office for information about training locations and times.

Required Documents

  • Drivers License
  • Current Vehicle Insurance
  • Voided Check or letter from bank for direct deposit
  • Social Security Card
  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Proof Of Education (High School or GED)

Copy of documents can be made at the office.


If you are unable to care for an individual please notify the office and the family so that we may find a fill-in for the time you that you are out.


We appreciate your calls to the office monthly.  It helps us help you and lets us know the great things you are accomplishing.


Timesheets, Request forms, Incident reports, Monthly reports, Medication administration record…

Timesheets are due by Monday at 5:00pm. Timesheets are considered late after 5pm on

Mondays and will not be processed untill the following week. Holiday exception: If the office

is closed on Monday, timesheets will be accepted by Tuesday at 5pm.

Blank Time Sheet

***Please make sure to fill out time sheets correctly!! Please fill out your timesheet as if you are telling someone who knows nothing about you or your individual. Time sheets are our way of knowing What, When, whether goals are being met for your individual. Please make sure we know the right information. If help is needed Please see office staff. We are always willing to answer any questions.***


Supported Living Time sheets…

Supported Living timesheet


Talk to your individual about their RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES: document your effort in your monthly reports.


Need a your paystub?  You must register online with our payroll system. Complete a request  form and submit to the office. This request will take up too 48 hours to process.

Request for documents form

Already registered… go to to login.


Needing time off? Submit a request for within 2 weeks of dates requesting

To ensure your time off, please print off the document below and turn it in to the office staff. Time off request


APD Incident Reporting Form

Critical Incidents call 904-272-5096


Greivance procedure and form:

Grievance Form PDF

Grievance Policy 2016


Medication Administration Record (MAR)